"Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job taking pictures for our wedding. We've gotten many compliments on how professional and discrete you and your assistant were."
Gigi & John

"George and I and both of our families wanted to say thank you so much for such incredible photos of our wedding. Thank you for getting all the images online so quickly. We love every image. They tell every aspect of the wedding and the quality is incredible. You and your assistant are great. Your online proofing system could not possibly have been any better. All of our friends were also so impressed with you. With how blended in but also how you were in all the right places at the right time and always moving around. We are so lucky to have had you as our wedding photographer. We can't tell you how happy we are. You recorded every moment of the day for us so we can have fond memories always."
Jeri & George

"Miyuki and I really appreciate your hard work and thoughtful foresight. Your work has made the memory of that special day remain here in our hearts forever."
Miyuki & Ken

"We love our photos. We view them often and smile. We share them with others and highly recommend you to our friends."
Tiffany & Donald

"Mark and I would like to thank you for the unreal job you did. We loved working with you and your assistant. You were both very knowledgeable and kind, which shows in our proofs! We still can-t believe how many photos you took. It's so hard to choose from them because we love them all! You did an awesome job and we are very happy with the results."
Kimberly & Mark.

"The photos are awesome, thanks for doing such a great job."
Jenny & Philbert

"Thank you for the outstanding service you provided at our daughters' wedding. The pictures leave me breathless! We love viewing them online. And thank you for going beyond the call and making us feel comfortable in front of the camera. Our family loves you"
Darren & Kanako

"I cannot tell you how many times I have viewed the online gallery. Every time I do, it brings back the wonderful memories. I've shown it to a couple of my friends, and a few of them had tears in their eyes recalling the moments. Jayson, I have to say your photojournalistic style is truly the only way this wedding could have been recorded as it was meant to be."

"The pictures from my wedding day are incredible. I never knew so many pictures could be taken and of everyone and everything. All my family, friends and guests were very impressed with the picture quality. With so many pictures taken, it is making the editing process very difficult; there are so many photos chose from. Marshall and I are blown away."
Mie & Marshall

"My husband and I were thrilled with the photographs of our daughters' wedding. We, as well as family and friends, could not believe the number of photos (about 900!)! It made choosing ones for the album overwhelming. You literally captured every moment. In an unobtrusive manner, you took hundreds of candid shots which was my daughter's wish. You also provided us with the traditional formal poses that my husband and I wanted. My daughter wanted black and whites, and we wanted color. Online proofing made choosing them easy. We're sure glad you convinced us to shoot the wedding with those amazing digital cameras of yours."

"You were absolutely incredible, and my guests were so impressed. The pictures are wonderful."
Katie & James

"Our pictures are simply gorgeous. I couldn't have asked for better (or more!) pictures!"
Heather & Anthony

"We are just so happy with the pictures you took. They are absolutely beautiful. We'll have a hard time choosing! During the wedding, my husband would be saying "that would make a nice picture," and you were always there, already getting the picture! Thanks for all your hard work."
Julie & Mark

"Jayson, we would first like to say that you were superb!! We wish we could thank you in person for the service that you gave us on our wedding. It was perfect!!!!! Thank you so much for everything. We will unhesitatingly recommend you and your company in the future."
Rachel & Gianluca

"We just looked through all of the pictures and Jayson, you did an a-maaaaaaaazing job! -We-ll need to make a few more passes through our pictures to decide what we ultimately want in the final albums."

"Jayson, YOU ROCK!"
Ginger & James

"Thank you again, so very much. You did an awesome job!"
Kelly & Chris